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We are the hottest phone babes in Australia and we are on-line 24 hours for your pleasure. Come in and try us out. Want something kinky? We love it kinky! You can choose to pay by credit, debit or prepaid card. The choice is yours. We are waiting for you. Billing is totally discreet. Shhh!

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We are here for you anytime day or night, whenever you feel the urge. Do you have a huge appetite? You can be as naughty as you wanna be. We tell you our dirtiest, darkest fantasies. We’ll leave you with more than just a smile on your face.

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You can choose to pay by credit, debit or prepaid card. Billing is totally discreet. You are only charged for the time that you desire.

When you pay by credit, debit or prepaid card, it only costs $0.99c a minute to listen to my hot stories or $2.99 a minute to talk live to me or one of my slutty friends...
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  • If you’re looking for that quick release.
    The quickie is a low $33 and will leave you with more than just a smile on your face.
  • 1300 338 474
  • Listen to Hot Stories for 99c/min
    Talk to us live for $2.99/min


  • If you’re a person who likes to get into a bit more action then the premium is perfect for you it’s only $66, so you’ll have more time for that total service and satisfaction.
  • 1300 338 474
  • Listen to Hot Stories for 99c/min
    Talk to us live for $2.99/min


$109 $99
  • If you’re a guy with a huge appetite and know exactly how to handle the hottest and steamiest situations then the platinum is definitely for you.
    We will even throw in an extra 10 dollars credit FREE.
  • 1300 338 474
  • Listen to Hot Stories for 99c/min
    Talk to us live for $2.99/min

Why Phone Sex With Us?

1. It’s Safe.
One of the biggest advantages of using a phone sex line is the fact that it’s completely safe! No need to worry about catching an STD, getting someone pregnant or spending lots of money on a prostitute; you can get everything you need from some dirty, hot phone sex with one of our babes! In fact, many Sex Addiction suffers choose to use phone sex lines instead of partaking in risky sexual behavious.

2. Quick & Simple
Let’s face it, getting sex isn’t always easy. It requires time and effort that we don’t always have, and masturbating to the same old porn can get old after a while. You will be amazed, not only at how fast and simple it is to get on the line with a hot babe who will blow your mind, but also at how much enhanced your orgasms will be! You can call our phone sex line anytime of day or night, no matter where in Australia you are located. It couldn’t be simpler!

3. Anonymous
Phone sex is great because it allows you to keep your anonymity entirely. You can be whoever you want to be on the phone without fear of being judged. All your dirty conversations with our babes are completely private and you can tell us anything you want! Your billing information is also kept completely discreet.

4. Fun
The bottom line is, using a phone sex line is fun! You won’t believe how much phone sex with our hot babes will get your blood pumping. Expect the hottest, most sexually charged conversations you’ve ever had, coupled with exploding orgasms, intimate discussions and real connections. What more could you want?

Call us now and get chatting!
Believe it or not, calling an adult phone sex line isn’t just about getting your rocks off! It’s equally about intimacy and connection too. Many callers find this to be one of the most surprising things when they call our phone sex line for the first time.

We are living in the most disconnected time in history right now, where even a simple, honest conversation can be hard to come by. Relationships often struggle with connection and closeness, largely due to social media and our addiction to mobile devices that never seems to be satisfied. This causes disconnection from even the closest people to us and because of this reason, we find more and more of our callers are ringing our babes in the hopes of finding real, genuine intimacy and connection.

Do you have one person in your life that you can be 100% transparent with? A friend or even a partner that you can divulge every single one of your deepest darkest secrets to with zero judgement? Most people don’t.

We have many callers who are simply looking for a deeper sexual and emotional intimacy that they cannot get with a friend, fuck buddy or even a long-term spouse. When you call Babes4U, we encourage you to open up to us. Let us in on your secrets and tell us who you really are so that when we work up to our hot, kinky phone sex session, your experience will be much deeper and much more pleasurable.

Leave you fears of judgment behind and allow our babes to gently guide you towards the best orgasm (or orgasms) of your life!

Call our babes right now!
1. Get to Know Us
When you call Babes4U, you are not speaking to a robot, you are speaking to a real girl. Some callers enjoy getting to know the girl they are speaking so they can feel more comfortable and let their walls down. When you call for the first time, we will tell you about us and you can ask anything you like!

2. We Build Intimacy
Real intimacy isn’t just physical, its mental too. Many men who call us are trapped in loveless relationships, lacking intimacy and connection which can be quite a lonely existence. Our girls are always available to take your call anytime and connect with you on an intimate and sexual level.

3. Take Control
On your first call, you may not know exactly how to steer the conversation but don’t worry, you don’t have to! We can take the lead at any time and guide the conversation for you, allowing you to just let go. You may find it’s nice just to sit back and let our girls take charge.

4. No Judgments
There are a number of reasons people pick up the phone and dial sex lines, sometimes it’s simply to be able to let all inhibitions go and forget about being judged. If that sounds like you, you’ve come to the right place. We always leave our judgments at the door!

5. No Boundaries
Do you have sexual desires that some may class as taboo? We want to know about it! There are no boundaries with our girls, tell us all about your dirtiest fantasies with complete discretion and peace of mind.

Call us now for phone sex with hot Aussie women!
In addition to our one-on-one phone sex line where you can chat directly with our babes, you also have the option of listening to our real-life erotic sex experiences!

1. Great for First-Time Callers.
If you’re a first-time caller, you may not be ready to jump straight into kinky phone sex with our babes. We get that it can be a little bit much to start with so, many of our newbies choose to listen in to some of our real, hot sex stories first! It’s a great way to warm up and get into the swing of things. Better yet, all our stories are 100% real and no details are spared for maximum listening enjoyment!

2. Lower Cost.
If you’re looking to save some money, one of the biggest benefits of calling our listening line is the cost. It’s only 99c per minute to listen in and get off over some really hot, sexy stories from our babes. Listen for as little or as long as you desire. So buy a block time and try it out!

3. The Hottest Sex Stories You Will Ever Hear.
Our babes just love sex! They also love sharing all the dirty details of their personal sexual experiences. How often do you get to listen to a sexy woman divulge all of her kinky sex experiences without holding anything back? Call our listening line now, take your masturbation experience to the next level and let us fulfil your every fantasy!

4. Discover New Ideas.
Listening to our hot, sex stories is a great way to get some new and fresh ideas of things you can experiment with, with your sexual partner. There are many kinky sex ideas to be discovered so, what are you waiting for? Call our real-life sex experience line today.
At Babes4U we have many different types of callers. Some who have specific needs when it comes to their sexual kinks and fantasies, some who prefer dominating women who will boss them around, and others who prefer our more submissive babes. So, why do some men prefer our submissive babes?

Taking Control Can Be A Turn on. Many men find that taking complete control during phones sex can be a massive turn on. Being in charge of the sexual experience creates a feeling of power… and power is hot! Having one of our babes be completely submissive to all your needs and desires and can make for some really fun and kinky phone sex!

They are Submissive in Their Daily Life. Some men really enjoy chatting with our submissive babes because they themselves are submissive in their own lives. If you’re not used to being in control either in your job, personal life or sex life, becoming the dominant one during phone sex with one of our babes can be empowering and even improve your self-confidence! Why not call our babes now and try it for yourself?

It’s the Perfect Way to Get What You Want. Our submissive babes are here to serve! They just love to please and ensure your every need is being met so, don’t be afraid to take full control of your phone sex experience and have some fun being the one in charge. Our babes are VERY open minded so feel free to share your innermost desires and get exactly what you want from the experience.

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Whether you’re looking for a sexual experience with one of our submissive babes, or you prefer to be the submissive one, the girls at Babes4U are ready to take your call now! Call from anywhere in Australia.
Have you considered calling a phone sex line but been put off by the idea of hearing the same exact dirty talk as the caller before you?

You would be forgiven for thinking that when you call a phone sex line, you are going to hear some kind of rehearsed spiel or pre-written scrip, when in actual fact, that is the furthest thing from the truth!

It’s a common misconception that phone sex girls work off a script, and it’s a myth that we need to crush! The opposite is in fact true. One of the biggest benefits of calling a phone sex line is the service you get from our babes is completely individual and perfectly catered to your needs. When you call Babes4U, you are actually speaking to a real person. She has the ability to listen to you and hear your specific reasons for calling and then ensure you get the most pleasurable and fulfilling phone sex experience possible.

She won’t be reading from a script, but speaking to you completely naturally, human to human. This is one of the reasons callers come back to us again and again. There is a level of sexual and emotional intimacy that you cannot get anywhere else!

Feel free to tell us all your secrets, fantasies and desires so that we know exactly what turns you on. If you have a specific role play you have always wanted to try but never had any one open minded enough to experiment with- you have come to the right place! Don’t be shy, we are as dirty (if not dirtier than you).

So what are you waiting for? Our babes are waiting for your call right now!